Support Groups & Parenting Workshops

Weekly Meditation

 Weekly Meditation 

This is a free weekly 30 min meditation group. We meet on Thursday at 11 am. 

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Stress Reduction


6 Week Adult

A simple and fun group to learn techniques for dealing with stress. 

For most people, pressures and demands mount and everyday stress builds to a level that seems too hard to handle.

I have been helping people with stress for over 18 years and would like to help you become a master of stress and not the other way around.

Come learn strategies and techniques that bring you Joy and Success.

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Vision Board


4 week adult

This social and rewarding group runs for 4 weeks. Together we will explore the areas of your life that are most important to you. We will clarify and focus your goals so that you can set your vision and create a effective vision board.

4 Week high school student 

The 4 week session for high school students will focuses on future careers. We will explore various professions and each participant will create a vision board. The purpose for creating these boards with students is for them to create a vision for their future that will help them to keep moving in a positive direction and explore different career choices.  

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Resiliance and Attention


6 Week groups

This group will focus on building skills that will improve attention and reducing negative thinking. The goal is to improve self-esteem, and attention. The activities will include meditation, body awareness “Calm Down” breathing. In addition, there will be activities to fostering compassion, and managing anxiety, 

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Parent Support


Parenting Workshop/training

Come be part of a group where you will feel support and will develop techniques and strategies that will help manage behavior, emotion, family issues.

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